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Before I turn 30…

6/30/2012 Update: One month to go, and I was surprised to see just how much of my list I actually accomplished – a good illustration of the value of making lists!

Cooking, Eating, Drinking

  1. Use all of the jars in the canning cabinet before summer rolls around again (okay to have some tomatoes left). Close enough to call this completed, since summer never exactly started and we did use up almost everything except peaches, but I’m not going to can peaches again this year so we’ll just call that next year’s stash.
  2. Finish my cookbook project.  Preferably before the end of 2011. 8/2011 UPDATE: Not looking likely unless I really kick it into gear. 6/2012: Didn’t happen, but I did a serious weed out of cookbooks, and am using my cookbooks regularly. Not exactly completed, but good enough for me.
  3. Buy Weck jars (because if I’m still lusting after them after this many years, I really DO want them). Completed! 8/1/11 Happy Birthday, to me! I am now the thrilled owner of 30 Weck jars and I’m planning to do tomatoes in them this fall.
  4. Make one local meal every single week – even after Dark Days ends. 8/2011 UPDATE: Some weeks are better than others, but I’ve incorporated a lot more local food into our diet even if a meal isn’t fully local. 12/2011 UPDATE: We’re eating so much more locally than we ever have, and although I don’t write about everything, I think we’re close enough to call this goal complete. 6/2012: Always easier once the garden gets going, but this isn’t something unusual anymore – much of what we eat now is local, or comes from farmers and small producers. The more time I spend thinking about this, the less weight a single factor – local, organic, or whatever – has, but our food dollars supporting community (ours or otherwise) is more important to me all the time.
  5. Use up everything in the freezer (get down to one freezer by summer 2011.  Then do it again by summer 2012.) 8/2011 UPDATE: We didn’t use up *everything* in the freezer, but we got pretty close – close enough to get down to one freezer, with plenty of space in it!
  6. Make bagels AND cream cheese from scratch for weekend house guests. 6/2012: One month to go. I’m thinking this needs to be a priority this month.
  7. Make truffles for Christmas and get them in the mail at least a week in advance. 12/31/11 UPDATE: Didn’t happen. In fact, I didn’t make a single Christmas cookie this year. Didn’t eat any either, but that was not entirely intentional. Maybe next year. Or maybe some random time during the year, just because. They’re likely to be more appreciated then, anyway!
  8. Make dumplings at least four times (3 of 4 completed as of 6/2012 – dumplings in July?).
  9. Make preserved lemons. Completed! 1/29/11  Then use said lemons. 8/2011 Using, and gifting!
  10. Make lemon curd.  Make raspberry curd, too. Completed! 7/2011 Plus blackberry curd (8/14/2011). Now for that lemon curd…
  11. Find a local source for whole chickens.  And then buy some chickens for the freezer. – 6/2012 – this has been harder than I expected. We’re eating a lot less chicken, but I’d still like to find a good source of chickens.
  12. Make tonic water. Or at least find good tonic. My local QFC started carrying Q tonic, and I probably don’t need to be drinking so much tonic water that I need to make it myself.
  13. Make ricotta, Completed! 2/5/11 then make lasagne and lemon ricotta pancakes. Completed! 2/6/11
  14. Make shortribs. 6/2012 Maybe in the fall? Though with this Juneuary weather we’re having…
  15. Make panna cotta.
  16. Take Anne to Noodle Boat and Din Tai Fung. Noodle Boat completed (and it was amazing!) 6/30/11 One month to make it to DTF. Doable.
  17. Take David to Cafe Lago. 6/2012 My brother would actually have to return calls for this to happen. It’s not for lack of trying.
  18. Use the Volterra gift certificate (wedding gift and now we’re coming up on our third anniversary). Completed! 11/4/11


  1. Go to Richmond, B.C. for dim sum. Completed! 6/23/12
  2. Go back to Portland – make it to the farmers’ market and Pok Pok (even though the mr. doesn’t particularly like Thai food). Completed! 12/28/11 Except the farmers’ market was closed for the season, but Pok Pok was awesome (as was everything else we ate).
  3. Spend at least a day in San Francisco with Lia. Completed! 1/22/11 (never thought this would be the first thing I crossed off!)
  4. Pick cherries in Montana.  And swim in Flathead Lake. Completed! 7/4/11
  5. Go backpacking at least six times. (3 of 6 completed as of 4/2012). Three trips in July? Not likely, but we’ve been out on some serious hikes, even though they haven’t been overnighters.
  6. At least four trips with Ryan. (5 of 4 completed as of 6/12)
  7. Nebraska a minimum of three times. 8/2011 UPDATE: My beloved great uncle passed away at the end of July. Unfortunately, the first of my goal of three trips was for his funeral, giving even more weight to some of my other family visit goals.
  8. Kayaking. Crossing this one off because we now have GORGEOUS kayaks! And I finally own a roof rack.
  9. Go to Sedro Woolley at least once a quarter.  Family won’t be around forever. (So far, so good. Q1-3 successful! 6/12 Update: Q4, Q1 not successful, but made it twice in Q2!)
  10. Go to the ocean at least four times. Take the pup.  And the camera. (1 of 4 completed! 3/5/11) Been to the ocean four times, with the camera, but not with the pup. Sorry, Riley 😦

Life stuff

  1. Donate blood 6 times. 6/2012 Low blood pressure and iron issues have kept me from donating. Eventually, though.
  2. Buy nothing but groceries for one month.
  3. Go two full weeks without spending any money.
  4. Write Christmas cards to the full list (instead of cutting the list in half part-way through, like I usually do – so, either be more realistic about the initial list, or power through the entire list). Completed! It helped that my list was shorter.
  5. Get a good family picture taken (including Riley) for said cards. That might make the powering-through-the-list a bit easier. Update 12/31/11: Completed the picture part, but never got it printed for the Christmas cards. Fail.
  6. Take my car in for…whatever that recall notice was.
  7. Find good work shoes for winter.  Buy said shoes.
  8. Find a purse. And buy it. Part of being a grown up, right? 4/2011 UPDATE:  I went with “use the purse I already own” – but still am far more likely to just grab my wallet, keys and cell phone when leaving the house.
  9. Continue weeding closet and bookshelves. And then only buy things that really deserve a spot in said closet/bookshelves. 8/2011 UPDATE: I’m making enough progress in this department to call it completed, even though it’s something I will always need to work on. I’ve gifted, donated, or sold a lot of stuff and am being much more mindful about what I bring in to the house.
  10. Make (or have made) curtains for the living room. For real this time.
  11. Finally find the right light fixture for the dining room. 6/2012 Found an awesome fixture at an antique store in Centralia. Now to hang it…
  12. Buy a piece of art that makes me happy. 6/2012 Found an incredible print of the Sutro Baths in April. Now to frame it…
  13. Make at least one piece of jewelry per month. (Uh, yeah. So not happening.)
  14. Knit a sweater. (Ha. Ha, ha. Even a baby sweater is sounding ambitious, though perhaps if we do have that La Nina winter…) 6/2012 I’m working on a sweater! Well, I have the yarn, and a pattern.
  15. Make (or hire someone to make) that t-shirt quilt.
  16. Get the family albums from Mom and scan the photos.
  17. Stop double-spacing after every sentence without having to think about it. (Done! I think. Mostly. Still slip up once in a while.)

The stuff that won’t be crossed off, because I need to work on it forever

  1. Live more fully in the moment, every day.
  2. Tell people how much I appreciate them. Regularly.
  3. Send real mail to all of my close friends, and not just for Christmas.
  4. Buy handmade and local as much as possible – not just food.
  5. Be a better friend.
  6. Leave work at work.

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Great list. Thanks for sharing 🙂 So many of these apply for me as well… how are you going to track these goals?

Comment by voraciousgirl

I’m going to try to track them here – I like the idea of crossing them off and dating them (or doing 1 of, 2 of, etc. for those that I’m trying to do more than once)…though I’m going to continue looking at other peoples’ lists for ideas 🙂 And I don’t think I’m quite done with the list, though maybe I should start crossing stuff off before I add too much!

Comment by Katie

[…] Before I turn 30… […]

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