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A Year of Dinners: March
April 17, 2012, 7:25 pm
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I’ve clearly lost steam on blogging. The last post that I published was written more than a month ago, even though I just published it. I’d like to keep posting the monthly photo roundups, if nothing else. I’m still taking pictures, at least, so even if I don’t finish this project here, hopefully I’ll have kept with the dinner photos for the year.

Anyway, March was a month of travel. I was still home more than I was gone, but not by much. And, as you’ve likely noticed, I missed three days of photos. Blame it on being on the road.

3/1 Borscht, from the freezer
3/2 Pasta carbonara and roasted brussels sprouts
3/3 Cooking from Mozza with a friend (it was all good, but the chopped salad is incredible)
3/4 Hamburgers with homemade ciabatta rolls, grilled jalapeno poppers, and Kettle chips
3/5 Chicken wings with five spice and Sichuan peppercorns and all of the chopped salad leftover pieces made into a new salad
3/6 Mac and cheese with lacinato kale, Beecher’s Flagship, and breadcrumbs from extra ciabatta rolls
3/7 Green bean casserole (I’ve confessed my love for this before. This time, casserole as dinner, not as a side dish. Brilliant.)
3/8 To Portland for a work event, made totally worth it by dinner at Gruener in Portland (even if we didn’t get to sit at the bar for the best burger in the entire world).
3/9 A Friday off, hanging out in Portland with Ryan. Doesn’t get a whole lot better, particularly when topped off with Apizza Scholls for dinner.
3/10 A leisurely Saturday trip home, with many stops along the way. Since we’d only made it as far as Shelton when it was time for dinner, we went to Xinh’s.
3/11 Tomatillo cheese grits with Hatch chiles from the freezer (a take-off on a recipe from the Homesick Texan Cookbook, one of the best cookbooks I got last year), flank steak, guacamole, and pickled red onions.
3/12-13 Back to Portland, this time for a conference, with typically bad conference food. Forgot to take pictures.
3/14 Lasagna I’d had the foresight to assemble on Sunday made for a very welcome dinner after a harrowing drive home. I’ve never seen that much rain, and I-5 was terrifying.
3/15 Fried rice with squid and kimchi
3/16 Popcorn and pear hard cider after a very long day at work and a late return home. Totally balanced meal, right?
3/17 My parents and sister were over for the night, so I made pizzas (failed to get a picture) and my mom made a cherry pie. Cherries in March are reason enough to have a huge freezer.
3/18 Grilled elk steak and fried okra (my sister went to an Indian grocery store for the first time and bought two pounds of okra, but didn’t know what to do with it, so brought it to my house. Not as good as summer okra, but it was still a fun treat.)
3/19 Leftover Mozza ragu from the freezer with farfalle and sauteed mushrooms, with a shaved brussels sprouts salad and Mosquito Fleet Meritage
3/20 Caesar salad – heavy on the anchovies – with garlic toast
3/21 Borlotti bean and roasted vegetable soup from the freezer, with fresh kale. This was surprisingly better from the freezer than it was the first time around. Cheese toast on the side.
3/22 A solo long weekend trip to California to visit my aunt and uncle. We went out to Carmel for the weekend, and happy hour on the patio turned into dinner. Perfect.
3/23 “Green slime” noodles (far better than pink slime – just steamed chard, pureed with a little water and mixed with flour to make noodles), with solar-cooked ragu. Delicious, and a second night of eating on the patio. I love this time of year.
3/24 Whole wheat focaccia with caramelized onions and gorgonzola, and salad with greens from my aunt’s garden and avocado from their tree. Why don’t I live in California, again?
3/25 A final happy-hour-turned-dinner on the patio after a fabulous day. I love this kind of vacation.
3/26 Ryan picked me up from the airport shuttle and we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. My phone battery died, so no photo.
3/27 Chili from the freezer (still working on eating down the freezer – we did a good job in March!)  with all the fixings and beer on the side
3/28 Grilled cheese with a side of sauteed spinach. With no weekend at home to prep dinners for the week, we don’t eat as well. If it means a long weekend in California, I’m willing to trade once in a while!
3/29 Whole wheat pasta with garbanzo beans, dried tomatoes, parsley, preserved lemon, breadcrumbs, walnuts, and goat cheese. Not bad for scraping the bottom of the fridge, but not one I’d rush to make again.
3/30 In Seattle for a good friend’s 30th birthday party. I ate lots of cheese. Too much cheese.
3/31 Roast chicken with slices of bread as the roasting rack and side dish, and salad with walnuts, goat cheese, and quince paste vinaigrette, and a bottle of Syncline rose. My sister was over and called it the best dinner she’d ever had at our house. I’m not sure I’d go quite that far, but it was pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.

Any bets on whether I’ll actually post about April? We’re more than halfway through the month and I’ve been taking pictures every day, but there’s that whole sitting-down-and-writing thing…



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