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Dark Days Weeks 13 – 16
March 11, 2012, 2:57 pm
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I’ve clearly lost steam on the Dark Days project this year. It’s not that I’m not cooking Dark Days meals, it’s more that at the end of the day the last thing I want to do is be in front of a screen after sitting in front of a computer all day. I didn’t call my blog the Reluctant Blogger for nothing.

We’ve had some good Dark Days meals in the weeks since I stopped keeping up with blogging, but nothing earth shaking (though I will say that the combination of Kurtwood Farms Dinah’s Cheese and homemade quince paste on fresh baked cibatta makes for a truly stellar airplane lunch); after a long day at work, I’d much rather curl up with a cookbook than with my laptop when there’s nothing so exciting that it absolutely must be shared. I’ll probably keep going on the project, but only write updates occasionally. So, here’s what we’ve done for Dark Days the past few weeks:

Week 13: The aforementioned travel lunch – a sandwich that will definitely be making a repeat appearance since we still have a little bit of quince paste left. This one would have been great with some prosciutto or arugula, but that would have made it less Dark Days eligible. Kurtwood Farms Dinah’s Cheese (via Beecher’s), homemade quince paste (quince from Willowrose Bay Orchard last fall), homemade cibatta with Fairhaven flour; exceptions: sugar in the quince paste, yeast and salt in the bread

Week 14: Sort-of-carbonara with Salumi pancetta, Mountain View eggs, Beecher’s parmesan, and fresh pasta from DeLaurenti (exceptions: salt and pepper); and my favorite stir fry with ground pork from Heritage Meats via Full Circle, baby bok choy from Full Circle (and actually baby this time around, unlike the usual size I see for “baby” bok choy!), garlic from Filaree, and onions from Andersen by way of Full Circle. Exceptions: fish and oyster sauces, rice noodles.

Week 15: My husband’s genius idea to just have green bean casserole for dinner (I can’t help it – I love this stuff, especially once I started making it almost entirely from scratch, and not having anything else with it was a brilliant idea – nothing to distract from the deliciousness). The last of the frozen green beans from my in-laws’ garden, onions from Andersen via Full Circle, garlic from Filaree, flour from Fairhaven, milk from Twin Brook, mushrooms from Champs; exceptions: salt, pepper, French’s fried onions (yes, I know how awful they are. No, I don’t really care, because they are delicious. We eat pretty well 95% of the time; I’m hanging on to a few bad habits.)

Week 16: This morning I threw together a shepherd’s pie to clean out the vegetable drawer, and to leave dinner for Ryan as I’ll be gone to a conference most of the week. I’m not particularly fond of shepherd’s pie, so this is a great one to leave behind when I’m gone, as it’s one of Ryan’s favorites.  Elk, lamb from Evergreen Students for Sustainable Ag via Full Circle, parsnips and celery root from Full Circle, red potatoes from somewhere in Washington via Full Circle (can’t remember which farm they came from, as they’ve been rolling around in my cupboard for a while now), rosemary and thyme from the backyard, garlic from Filaree, onions from Andersen via Full Circle; exceptions: Worcestershire sauce, carrots and celery, salt and pepper


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