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Dark Days Week 17: Waffles
April 4, 2011, 12:33 pm
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I’ve noted before that we don’t eat breakfast all that often, though the fact that fully one quarter of my Dark Days posts have been breakfast foods is making me something of a liar. Well, here’s another breakfast post from the girl who doesn’t eat breakfast, though to be fair we did eat this for dinner – something that never would have flown in my childhood home with a breakfast-as-dinner hating father, but happily is completely acceptable in my home. Waffles. More accurately, Marion Cunningham’s yeast raised waffles, which are in a category all their own. It might even be enough to get my father to reconsider his position. Maybe. He’s a stubborn guy. But these waffles, well, they’re pretty amazing.

This recipe has been written about all over the place, but if you get a chance to look at a copy of The Breakfast Book, the original source of the recipe, I’d highly recommend it. It is a fantastic book, and that’s coming from a breakfast-hater (it’s looking like I may have to reconsider my position, isn’t it?).

iPhone photos again, but this time not because I forgot. Somehow in my supreme luck, I married a man who builds things. Not just any things: really, really fabulous things, generally of the furniture variety. Right now, however, those things are kayaks (!) that we will be using soon if things continue at their current pace. The reason this meant iPhone photos is because we share a camera. He’s documenting his work, and the camera was on the far side of the garage, an obstacle course I was afraid to undertake for fear of bumping something. So iPhone photos it is. Not much of a sacrifice, considering what I’m getting!

Sources for this week’s dinner:

  • Homemade butter from Fresh Breeze Dairy (Lynden, WA) heavy cream
  • Milk from Fresh Breeze Dairy (Lynden, WA)
  • Flour from MT as in the past (have to find a replacement soon – just refilled my flour jar for what looks like the second-to-last time from the 50 lb bag in the basement)
  • Eggs from Broomhollow Farm – I buy my eggs at the Dragon’s Lair in Belfair (seriously – think health food store combined with sci-fi/fantasy gift shop – but they carry local eggs, milk, and the clean(er) shampoo & lotion I like, and it’s great to be able to support a local business, weird name or not). The owner wasn’t working the day I bought eggs; Broomhollow is a new supplier and I’ll be curious to learn more about it when I’m in next. All I know is what’s on the label, which isn’t much.
  • Maple syrup from Minnesota, which I’m only counting because I carried it home in my suitcase, uh, four (!) years ago (it pains me to admit that), after spending a week with my mom and her siblings cleaning out my grandma’s house and readying it to put on the market. In my defense, it’s a very large container (wasn’t sure when I’d return to Minnesota and it is really good syrup), we eat breakfast – even breakfast-as-dinner – somewhat infrequently, and I’m pretty sure syrup doesn’t spoil. Oh, and this was the end of the bottle. But still. If it weren’t so delicious, I’d be a little grossed out.

Exceptions: yeast, sugar, salt, baking soda


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