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Dark Days Week 14: Oysters!
March 20, 2011, 12:25 pm
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Going through photos this morning, I realized I never wrote about our first dinner outside a couple of weeks ago. In fact, this was supposed to be my Week 14 post, but got lost in the shuffle of a few particularly busy weeks at work (and I’ve now figured out why I kept thinking I was short a post).

An unexpected sunny Saturday led to a spur-of-the-moment road trip and where better to go than to get oysters? About 15 minutes after floating the idea, we were in the car, headed north toward Hwy 101 and the Hama Hama Oyster Company, home to our favorite oysters. Yes, there are places we could get oysters much closer to home, but of all the oysters we’ve had, Hama Hamas have been our favorites, and when there’s road-tripping to be done, it makes a great destination. This time, in addition to the “regular” oysters we’ve gotten in the past, we also picked up some Blue Pools, tiny (see photo below for an idea) little oysters that are grown in bags that rise and fall with the tide rather than directly on the beach like most of the oysters. These were some of the smaller oysters we’ve tried, but they were really good. We’ll definitely be getting more the next time we’re out that way.

Oysters have become our “traditional” first dinner outside meal, if you can call two years in a row a tradition. Last year our first dinner outside was in February (!) but I’m not complaining – as winters go, this one hasn’t been so bad. Oysters, a knife, sparkling wine, and a fire to help hold off the chill: what more do you need to celebrate signs of spring?

Sources for this week’s meal:
Oysters from Hama Hama Seafood Store, Lilliwaup, WA
Sparkling wine from Mountain Dome Winery (by way of Full Pull Wines)
Exception: lemon


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Mmmmmm oysters! Can you really eat outside already?!

Comment by Sophie

We ate early and didn’t last outside for long, but that still counts, right? 🙂

Comment by Katie

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