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Dark Days Week 12: Steak and (Sweet) Potatoes
March 2, 2011, 7:51 pm
Filed under: Dark Days, Grilling, Wheat-free

We haven’t been eating much meat lately, for a variety of reasons. We completely gave up meat for a little more than a month, but now that we’re eating some meat again, it’s a rare week when meat shows up for dinner more than once in a week. There are a lot of reasons to eat less meat, and our reasons are all the common ones – health, environmental impact, quality of meat – but we still have a freezer full of elk and we’re not going to let it go to waste.

In fact, that meat is exactly the kind of meat we plan to continue eating: meat we know is healthy and high quality, not to mention delicious. Although I grew up in Montana, I wasn’t raised in a hunting family, and I was a bit skeptical about game meat when I first met my husband. But, I’ve come around to some game, and if he’s going to hunt, we’re going to eat it. Fortunately, elk is possibly even more delicious than beef (I’m still undecided on deer: sometimes it is really good, but sometimes it’s pretty hard for me to enjoy).

Not all of our meat dinners take such a standard meat-and-potatoes turn, but once in a while a grilled steak and some potatoes makes for a pretty fantastic dinner – even if winter grilling isn’t quite as nice as summer grilling. And since it was a weekend night, we even sat at the table like civilized people. Though I suppose I should question wether civilized people manage to consume two heads of garlic in one meal. I love garlic more than any one person should, but luckily I married into a similarly garlic-obsessed family. My in-laws grow the best garlic, and we’re lucky to get almost enough garlic to carry us through the year. It’s a sad day when we run out of the previous year’s garlic crop, but usually we only have to wait another month or so until the new crop is ready.

Sources for this week’s dinner:

Elk steaks from the freezer
Sweet potatoes I’m pretty sure came from Full Circle Farm, but they’ve been in the basement (my “root cellar”) for a long time, so I’m not 100% positive where I got them
Mushrooms from Champs Mushrooms, Abbotsford, B.C., by way of Full Circle box
Homemade butter from Fresh Breeze heavy cream
Garlic grown by my in-laws up the street
2007 Ross Andrews Boushey Vineyards Syrah (one of my absolute favorite bottles of wine) – winery is in Woodinville; vineyards are in Yakima Valley
Exceptions: olive oil, salt & pepper, and completely non-local (but at least organic) salads, because we have to get some fresh greens once in a while


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