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Dark Days Week 5: Pasta with Braised Lamb
December 30, 2010, 6:32 pm
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The last couple of Dark Days meals have been relatively quick and easy meals – exactly what I needed during a few particularly busy weeks.  However, when I have more time, I love to spend good chunks of the day in the kitchen tinkering.  I took some extra time off of work between Christmas and New Years, and after a short trip to Portland for some quality time with my husband (and Powell’s…) I was very ready to get back into the kitchen and cook.  This didn’t take a lot of active time, but it was so nice to do some chopping and stirring after not cooking Christmas dinner and then being gone for a few days.

I was inspired by my attempt to continue the Gourmet, Unbound project with this January 2007 recipe and by a recent post at the Kitchn.  I decided to combine and adapt the two to make a Dark Days meal that made use of things I already had on hand as I’m trying to avoid grocery shopping until after the New Year (or longer – I’m going to see how long I can go before I run out of something crucial).  I ended up opting for lamb rather than elk (my beef substitute at least until we make a serious dent in our stock) – so far my attempts at braised elk have ended up drier than I’d like and I didn’t want to end up with another dry dinner.

Deeply browned lamb stew meat, onions, garlic, and carrots slowly braised in Washington wine and tomatoes from our garden (by way of the pantry) with herbs from the backyard.  Doesn’t get much better than this!

I had every intention of making homemade pasta to go with this dinner…until I looked in the fridge and discovered I only had one egg left – not enough for my go-to pasta recipe.  And I wasn’t about to run to town, so completely non-local boxed pasta it was.  This is definitely something I’ll be making again; perhaps next time I can make pasta (homemade pasta would have been perfect with this).

Sources for this week’s dinner:
Lamb stew meat – Evergreen Students for Sustainable Animal Ag, Olympia, WA
Onion – Andersen Organics, Othello, WA (both lamb and onion by way of Full Circle box)
Rosemary and thyme – my backyard herb box
Garlic (mild French) – grown by my father-in-law up the street
Carrots – Marshland Orchards, Snohomish Valley, WA (by way of their stand at Pike Place Market)
Wine – the end of a bottle of Saviah Cellars 2007 Red Mountain Syrah (by way of Full Pull Wines)
Tomatoes – home-grown/canned Romas
Exceptions: Barilla Campanelle, parmesan cheese, salt, pepper


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