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Dark Days Week 4: Elk Burgers and Crab
December 28, 2010, 6:57 pm
Filed under: Dark Days, Grilling

My sister has been living in Taiwan for the past 18 months and flew home a few days before Christmas, hopefully to stay.  My parents came over from Montana the night before my sister arrived, just in time for a Dark Days meal.  We had planned to make roasted potatoes (we’re nearing the end of the potatoes from our garden) to go with our elk burgers, but when my dad called and asked if he could pick up some Dungeness crab for dinner, I wasn’t going to refuse.  Crab, burgers, and potatoes seemed like too much food, and the potatoes were the easiest thing to drop from the menu on short notice, so we had the somewhat odd but incredibly delicious dinner combination of elk burgers and Dungeness crab.  Thanks to the roasted Padron peppers I’d stashed in the freezer, we even had something green in this protein-heavy dinner!  Maybe next week I’ll make something that really counts as cooking…

Sources for this week’s odd but delicious dinner:
Homemade hamburger buns (flour and honey from Montana, exceptions: yeast, salt, olive oil)
Roasted Padron peppers – Tonnemaker Hill Farm by way of my freezer
Cougar Gold cheese (thank you, Christmas gifts at work!)
Elk burger courtesy of my husband’s hunting trip
Washington Dungeness crab – source beyond that unknown (my parents think my local fixation is a little weird and didn’t pay attention to where or who it came from)


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Hello! I’m in your group for the dark days challenge and I noticed we both have Fiesta plates. Neato.

That burger looks great. What does elk taste like? Is it lean? I haven’t eaten much game meat.

Comment by Libby

Hi Libby! I have a slight Fiesta problem 🙂 Fortunately I’ve managed to get it under control and it has been a couple years since I’ve acquired any new pieces!

Elk is really good. It’s very lean, but is much less gamey than other game meat. The burger is fairly similar to beef, actually. At this point I think I’d actually pick elk burger over beef burger if given the choice. I’d highly recommend it if you get a chance to try it!

Comment by Katie

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