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Peach, Proscuitto and Goat Cheese Pizza, Gourmet, August 2000
July 31, 2010, 7:07 pm
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This is not the recipe I originally hoped to make for August.  What I wanted to tell you about is this recipe, one of my favorite the-garden-is-overflowing meals, but peak harvest season in Seattle doesn’t exactly mesh with summer according to Gourmet.  In a month – a few weeks, if I’m lucky – that recipe will be making a frequent appearance on our dinner table, but right now the green beans have just started their long climbs up their poles, my tomato plants are covered in tiny green orbs and the potatoes just started blooming.  Fortunately, the Gourmet archives had plenty of other tempting ideas.  After considering a month of burgers (every single recipe in the August 2007 burger feature sounds incredible) or something from August 1982 (I found a bound volume of all of the issues from 1982 on eBay a few years ago), my slightly-more-rational side prevailed and I settled on Peach, Prosciutto and Goat Cheese Pizza.

Pizza night is a regular occurrence in our house – not every week, but at least once a month.  We usually make four or five different small pizzas, so adding a new style to the usual mix was a safe bet.  Even if it wasn’t good (Peaches? On pizza?) we weren’t going to starve.

These were the first Washington peaches I’ve seen this year.  We’re still about two weeks from the peak of the season, but these smelled really good, so I decided to take a chance on them.  Fortunately it was a gamble that paid off: the peaches were very sweet and flavorful, but still firm, with a texture more like a ripe pear than a juicy, dripping peach.  The combination of the sweet of the peaches, the salt and umami of the prosciutto, the tang of the goat cheese, and the deep savory flavor of the rosemary was a winning combination – one worth making again before the end of Washington peach season.

I’ve been making pizza and bread long enough that I don’t measure when making the dough anymore, and since I didn’t change anything from the topping directions, I’ll just send you to Epicurious for the recipe.  It’s definitely worth trying out, especially if you have access to some firm, sweet peaches that haven’t been shipped halfway across the country.  Add a salad and you’d have dinner.  Add a few different kinds of pizza and you’d have a feast.

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I keep saying I’m going to make my own pizzas. This sounds like a wonderful recipe.

Comment by Mrs. L

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