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Country Rhubarb Cake, Gourmet, March 2004
February 27, 2010, 9:34 pm
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I’m definitely being true to my moniker this month, with nary a peep in a full month.  I’ve been doing plenty of cooking – things I really should be excited enough about that I’d want to share them – and I have even taken quite a few pictures, and still I’ve stayed silent.  I blame the sunshine – evidence that yet again I’ve survived winter.  It was warm enough to lure me out of the house, out in to the garden and away from the computer – always a good thing in my book!

And really, this winter was a breeze.  Not even a single inch of snow fell at my house this winter (though it IS still February, so maybe I shouldn’t be saying that quite yet!).   My dread of the cold – which leads me to be entirely over-dramatic in the late autumn, much to my husband’s chagrin – was almost unnecessary, with only a brief period of really cold days.

My rhubarb started to peek out of the ground a few weeks, prompting me to assess my remaining supply in the freezer.  There is more left than there should be at this point, so when I started looking through March Gourmet recipes, I knew I’d be wise to pick a rhubarb recipe.  Turns out that was a good choice, because it led me to this cake: almost rhubarb cobbler, but with a bottom layer of biscuit, topped with whiskey cream (which I failed to make because we were already full by the time dessert rolled around).

I made this on Valentine’s Day, which is about as low on the list of holiday priorities as you can get in our household.  (However, my husband DID surprise me a few days before V-Day with a vintage apron printed with a map of my home state that he’d found on Ebay.  I’ve got a keeper.)  Instead of going to dinner somewhere or buying flowers, we went on a road trip to our favorite oyster farm.  It was a beautiful day for a drive, and the beginning of that stretch of sunshine I mentioned earlier.  We picked up three dozen oysters and two Dungeness crabs (complete with barnacles on their shells, so they’d be full of meaty goodness).  When we got home we decided we had far more food than two people should eat, so we invited his parents down for dinner outside by the fire pit.  Dinner. Outside. By the fire pit. IN FEBRUARY!  Yes, I do believe I’ve survived another winter!

After feasting on artichokes, oysters, and crab, dessert was probably the last thing we needed, but I was really happy to have tried this cake.  We don’t eat a lot of desserts, which is really a shame.

I’m not going to claim this recipe as an unqualified success, because it turned out a little underbaked in spots (though after finally purchasing an oven thermometer a few days ago, I now know that my oven is nearly 50 (!!) degrees cooler than it claims to be), but this cake was really good, and very simple.   It’s definitely one I would make again, perhaps mixing in some strawberries the next time (and after that freezer check, it’s clear I need to be doing a whole lot more baking in the next few months!).

After I started the cake, I realized there was less brown sugar left than I’d thought, so I subbed raw sugar, but otherwise I followed the recipe.  Baking is good for me – usually I have a hard time following directions, but baking projects like this are encouraging me to be more careful with directions!

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I never know what to do with rhubarb. I love it and buy it and it sits around, unloved. But this cake looks beautiful and easy enough. Thanks!!

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